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Equal Opportunities Department

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Coaching Programme for Women in Academia

The Equal Opportunities Department supports women in academia with a coaching programme, which specifically aimes at PhD students, PostDocs, professoral candidates (Habilitandinnen) and female professors. The coaching programme will still remain side by side with the programme CoMento: Coaching and Mentoring.

What is coaching? 

Coaching is a professional and process oriented form of consultancy. It opens up space for self-reflection and the reflection of topics and questions related to one's professional role and professional identity. The goal is the developement of personal, social, methodological and strategical competences concerning the professional developement and practice.

Which topics can be focused?

  • Communication in the working environment, the handling of conflics
  • Handling stress
  • Support during career relevant challenges
  • Questions concerning a research project
  • The own role as a women in academia
  • Strategies for career planning
  • Collaboration at the workplace
  • Self-presentation during job interviews or speeches
  • Assumption of leadership responsability
  • Work-life-balance

How does the coaching take place?

After being accepted for the coaching programme, each participant has the opportunity to benefit from five free of charge single coaching meetings à 90 minutes in the course of one year. Following this phase of single coaching meetings, the participants can take part in a group coaching under qualified supervision.

How do I register?

For the application please send a letter of motivation (max. 1 DIN A4 page) and your CV in German or English as one PDF to the coordinator for the coaching & mentoring, Dr Elena Köstner. She also provides further information on the programme. Please use for your application the language guide for the University of Bayreuth.

Who are our coaches?

Here you will find a overview of the supervisors of our coaching programme.

Webmaster: Miriam Bauch

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