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Gender Equality Service Centre

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Bavarian Gender Equality Grant (for Women in Academia)

scholarship programme for supporting equal opportunities for women
in research and teaching

All women in academia who can verify a close connection to the University of Bayreuth are entitled to apply.

scholarship for postdocs and up (preference)

The Bavarian Government provides a special fund for the realisation of equal opportunities for women in research and teaching, from which scholarships at the University of Bayreuth are financed. The main focus of this programme lies on the qualification of women for a professorship.

  • Scholarship for PostDocs (after receiving doctoral degree/oral examination)
  • Scholarship for those pursuing a Habilitation (mentoship registered)
  • Scholarship after finishing one's Habilitaton or equivalent
  • Scholarschip to support returning to work after a period of family leave

in special cases scholarships for PhD students:

  • Scholarship for PhD students "returning to work after a perod of family leave"

Next deadline for applications: 15 January 2024



Miriam Bauch, Head of the Gender Equality Service Centre

Webmaster: Miriam Bauch

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