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Equal Opportunities Fund (for Women in Academia)

The Women's Representative has access to a fund for fulfilling the equality directive at the University of Bayreuth, with reservations to the allocation of it. The fund is distributed twice a year.

The applications are assessed on the basis of criteria, which are determined by the comission for the promotion of women (Ausschuss für Frauenförderung). Funds for doctoral students are only available for members of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School. The applications are to be submitted on time (30.4. and 30.10.) with the Women's Representative of the respective faculty by the applicant.

Women in academia in their phase of qualification (from the doctorate onwards) can apply for the following:

Travel expenses
(depending on the trip, digital or possibly as a subsidy)
Conference trips with own presentation or poster are supported preferentially.
In legal studies no active participation at the conference is needed, but a letter of recommendation by the academic supervisor.
Funds for
student assistants
Female stundent assistants should be employed to increasingly introduce female students into academia.
Funds for
sundry things

In certain cases, women in academia who make an application for a research trip, a professional training or special measures, are supported. These applications are considered individually.

Further informations concerning the application can be recieved at the Equal Opportunities Department.

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