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Life Balance and Self-Organisation

Friday, 8 December 2023 tba (1 day workshop)



Heli Kohornen, www.scienza-berlin.de


Friday, 8 December 2023 tba (1 day workshop)



Language: English
Group:participants of CoMento


This resource- and application-oriented workshop is tailor-made for female academics, with and without family. It provides participants with space and an allowance to stop and take stock of their situation. They will explore the themes of life balance, self-care, self-organisation, resilience and sustainable working practices within the challenging academic setting.

We will discuss individual factors influencing one’s psychological health and occupational functionality, such as individual priorities, role expectations, resources and life-style factors as well as the psychological model of resilience. In addition, we will look at practical ways to implement these concepts in everyday life. Participants will assess their current life balance while exploring ways to reallocate resources, time, and value to different areas of their life in order to build a working schedule that is sustainable. Emphasis will be placed on having a reflective experience, trying out new techniques, promoting benevolence with oneself in order to create individual and truly long-lasting solutions.

  • Life in balance: what does it mean to me and how can I achieve it?
  • Resilience and self-care
  • Techniques for building resilience
  • Identifying your own priorities and values and implementing them in your everyday life
  • Building sustainable working plans
  • Self-organisation: Laws of Time Management
  • Creating individual solutions and practices (incl. stress prevention techniques, assertive communication, mindfulness)


  • Group and individual exercises
  • Short presentations
  • Self-reflection
  • Techniques for relaxation and lightness

Costs: The workshop is free of charge for participants of the programme CoMento. The costs are covered by the Professorinnenprogramm III.

Registration: Dr. Elena Köstner, coordination coaching & mentoring (elena.koestner@uni-bayreuth.de oder coaching-mentoring@uni-bayreuth.de) until 8th November 2023.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Kerstin Müller

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